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How we made HaikuJAM, the collaborative creativity app | App story


The app that encourages ‘jammers’ to collaborate through the Japanese art of Haiku has seen some unexpected uses

HaikuJAM is a mobile app through which three people can connect to create poetic expressions together. With words and photos, folks can “jam” with friends or strangers, anywhere in the world. The framework is inspired by the ancient Japanese art of haiku, a very short form of poetry.

The collaborative process involves three “jammers” and each contributes a line or photograph, turn-by-turn-by-turn. Jammers can then share the created content through social media and also earn “karma” points for doing good in the app community. These deeds include loving jams or writing positive comments. Each day our team handpicks a number of inspiring collaborations, which are then featured on the app’s home screen.

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