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Poster poems: seeking refuge and asylum


War, poverty, and famine are driving a new wave of human migration. Please share your poems about seeking refuge

The Channel tunnel is besieged by the dispossessed. In the Mediterranean, even the Irish navy is engaged in search-and-rescue missions to save African migrants who find themselves adrift, having been abandoned by those who profit by exploiting them.

In Syria, more than 7.6 million people have left their homes, and more than half of them have left the country, forced out by a brutal civil war. All across Africa and the Middle East, we are seeing the latest wave in an ongoing saga of migration, as war, poverty and famine force the most vulnerable to move on or die. And this is probably just the beginning of what could be the greatest human migration yet, as those who find their homes rendered uninhabitable by climate change are forced to move if they want to survive.

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