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Readers recommend: songs about choosing and using words

Have you heard the word? By chance or design, it's time to get a bit verbal and name songs all about choice of vocabulary

On entering the the taphouse known this very evening as the Perusers Prescribe, the visitor approached the innkeeper. "My good man, I am edacious. I have a rumblesome borborygumus. I fear no abligurition but also require canorous enrichment to cure my mullibrugs. Might you assist?"

The tavern master simpered acquiescently. "Indeed, sir, I not only can, I also concur. Let us together get gambrinous, engage in sonorous runcation, and enjoy mutual inaniloquence, for we both lean towards the hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian. Thus shall we select a fine inventory of euphonious canticles."

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