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Letters: Richard Hoggart obituary


John Miller writes: In addition to his communication skills on paper or in committee, Richard Hoggart was also a brilliant broadcaster. We made several programmes together at the Open University in the 1970s, and I was so impressed by his insights and fluency that when I was part of the group that won the ITV franchise for Television South in 1981, he was the first person I approached to present our educational programmes.

He hosted two series of Writers on Writing, in which he drew out of our leading authors the literary figures who had influenced them most. Then he came up with An Idea of Europe, inspired by his term as assistant director general of Unesco when, as he told me: "How different Europe begins to look to a European forced to see it from outside, as African and Asian people see it, as third world countries see it. The psychological and cultural shocks can be considerable." He criss-crossed Europe with a film crew, analysing those cultural shocks as only he could, and the series and accompanying book, aroused a lot of interest.

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