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The Saturday Poem: Square Man

by Melissa Lee-Houghton

You're a square man. Everything about you is
square: your face, your chin, your body,
the squareness of your opinions,
the squareness of your emotional life.
With so many sides and corners you can bump
it away, the pains and the conflicts and the history:
bump bump bump.
We love you, square man.
We eat the round food you make for us,
chocolate puddings and cakes
too round to fit inside you whole:
we eat cream cream cream.
Your brother and sister were triangles.
You fitted together, three in a bed, you,
the little square-head in the middle.
When they died suddenly, you bumped it away:
bump bump bump.
You have never talked about it, never could.
When you go away
we get a square hug; we can put our arms around
your sides and you pat us and pat us with your
large square hands.

From Beautiful Girls (Penned in the Margins £8.99). To order a copy for £7.19 with free UK p&p go to guardianbookshop.co.uk or call Guardian book service on 0330 333 6846.

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